Irish Beauty the XIII  AKA Chayenne
Irish Beauty the XIII  AKA Chayenne
Soldier Mountain Irish Setters AKC, DNA , OFA I
Soldier Mountain Irish Setters AKC, DNA , OFA                I                                                                        


                  At Soldier Mountain Irish Setters we strive to instill in our puppies a mental and physical foundation on which you and they can achieve a bond and an unconditional love that is seldom seen in human relationships.

                   Born in our home and raised there until they go to their new families, helps the puppies to have confidence and feel secure. When they are old enough to be out of the whelping box they play with Poots the cat, Sky the Dalmation, Shadow theLab, Pasimeroi [Simmy] the Irish Setter from Ireland, Akela and Senora. This interaction with the different breeds and species helps them to "play well with others" and to accept playmates who may not look the same as them. Plus the wrestling and running with the larger dogs helps build their strength and coordination.

                      Studies on puppy development have shown that a puppy's brain grows to 50% of it's adult size by 8 weeks of age. Because of this we do a variety of stimulation and training exercises while they are with us in order to improve their intellect and general health during this critical time. We use sound conditioning to help them be less stressed with new or loud noises. there is a television close to their whelping box and play area so that they can become accustomed to the different music, voices and sounds of today. We also speak to them while they are in the womb in order to accustom them to the people they will see when they are born.

                          Neurological stimulation is used in order to ;  1. increase tolerance of stressful situations.        2.  promote greater resistance to disease.   3.  Increase adrenal system function.   4.  Strengthen the heart.  Neurological  stimulation includes, but is not limited to;  tactile

stimulation between the toes, holding head up 3-5 seconds, holding the head down 3-5 seconds, and supine position 3-5 seconds.  Handling extensively, including cuddling and talking to the puppies. 

                        We teach the puppies, basic commands, and  the basics of potty training, early on.  We  pray our efforts will increase the happiness you and your puppy share.  Our endeavors make an exceptional Irish Setter:  ready for any adventure or training. 






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