Irish Beauty the XIII  AKA Chayenne
Irish Beauty the XIII  AKA Chayenne
Soldier Mountain Irish Setters AKC, DNA , OFA I
Soldier Mountain Irish Setters AKC, DNA , OFA                I                                                                        

Photo Gallery/ AKC Irish Setters having fun in Idaho

AKC Irish Setter Akela and Dan hunting in the winter of 2014 in Idaho.
AKC Irish Setter Senora's first snow .Soldier Mountain, Idaho
AKC Irish Setter Akela's first snow. Soldier Mountain, Idaho
AKC Irish Setter Senora relaxing at home,Gooding, Idaho. Puppies have arrived!
AKC Irish Setter 4 wheeling with "The Gang" in the Soldier Mountains of Idaho.
Akela and one of his sons .
Akela and his son being couch potatoes.

.                                                                                                   Akela, a hot day and a sprinkler.

We were given a kitten in February of 2016. He liked to sleep in boots. We call him Poots. That is for Pus in boots.

Senora adopted Poots as her own "puppy".

Even sharing breakfast !   

                                           Senora, now retired, the matriarch of our setters. A wonderful                                      mom!

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