Irish Beauty the XIII  AKA Chayenne
Irish Beauty the XIII  AKA Chayenne
Soldier Mountain Irish Setters AKC, DNA , OFA I
Soldier Mountain Irish Setters AKC, DNA , OFA                I                                                                        

       We wish to introduce to you our newest addition to our family. Her name is Cilleigne Pahsimmeroi. We call her " Simmy". She joined our family in January of 2017. Simmy came by airplane to the United States from Ireland. We picked her up at the Boise, Idaho airport. We are so pleased with her. She is very calm, loving and intelligent. We will give more information soon. Just wanted to share a few photos.

                     Simmy, almost  6 years old, Fall 2023. Pictures below were taken when she was one year old. 

                  Simmy found a baby wood duck , brought it in and layed it on one of her puppies. I guess she wanted to keep it warm and raise it with her family. We returned it to its mother. This was her first litter when she was two.

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