Irish Beauty the XIII  AKA Chayenne
Irish Beauty the XIII  AKA Chayenne
Soldier Mountain Irish Setters AKC, DNA , OFA I
Soldier Mountain Irish Setters AKC, DNA , OFA                I                                                                        

     Puppies Unleashed is a work in progress showing pictures of what the puppies are doing and how they are enjoying life and love with their families 

Dexter [front ] and familly  enjoying a side car cruise in Washington state.

Dexter couch potatoeing .

Sundance enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

                                      Jack having a ball in the pool  !

                                                 Jack, cooling off in a mountain lake, after a hike.

Jack and his family on an alpine hike.

                                                                                           The Mighty Quinn: max raxin !

                                                                                        The Mighty Quinn and playmate.

Rose [ left] and Lily . Rose lost her best friend and Lily loves her beyond her loss.

                     Captain Morgan wearing his party hat on his first birthday. Happy birthday Captain Morgan !


Captain Morgan engoying his puppy paw cookies after blowing out his birthday candle.   

Emmet enjoying the outdoors with his family ! (copyrighted)

 Emmet. "Come on ! Let's go. What are you waiting for?" (copyrighted)

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