Irish Beauty the XIII  AKA Chayenne
Irish Beauty the XIII  AKA Chayenne
Soldier Mountain Irish Setters AKC, DNA , OFA I
Soldier Mountain Irish Setters AKC, DNA , OFA                I                                                                        

Photo Gallery 2

Sleeping together.

Ditto !

Ditto and ditto !

Bunkbed, Mom !

Mom, I'm glad you're queen size long!

I love you too, Mom.

I am NOT spoiled !

Akela watching caged pheasants on an August afternoon 1016.

Still watching.

Akela watching a squirrel chatter at him.  Camping near Trinity Lakes, Idaho. September ,2016.

Senora checking out the same squirrel.

Senora, scouting for adventure.

Akela, guarding the trailer.

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