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             Senora's babys have arrived ! I don't know who is more pleased and excited, us or Senora. There are 9 of them. 4 girls and 5 boys. They arrived on June 21st 2018 and are all healthy and active. We feel very blessed. She loves them very much and hardly will leave them to potty. She runs outside, goes and runs back inside to the welping box. No dilly dallying for her! We will show pictures and movies as much as possible to keep you posted on their progress.


The last one to leave the table!

                   After a meal they scatter so they dont have to do dishes!

 Same picture. Different angle.

Only by love is love awakened and with that love also comes a peaceful rest.

Mom's on potty break, time to saw some toothpicks.

             We needed a break, so we made the motor home table into a bed and took everyone with us for 3 days in the mountains.

           The mountain air makes us sleepy!

  Mom back with babies after a short run with the 4 wheelers.

       Camp, with Simmy and Shadow in the background.

  One of the scenes we saw while camping.

    First pictures of the babies with their collars on and eyes open. 7/8/2018. This little girl has a pink collar.

   A little boy with a white collar.

   A little girl with a yellow collar.

  A little boy with a dark blue collar.

  A little girl with a bright green collar.

  A little boy with an orange collar.

    A little girl with a light blue collar.

  A little boy with a red collar.

  A little boy with a black collar.

       Senora and Simmy sharing daycare.

     Chow time!

       If his paw falls in the water will he wet the bed ?

       Mom inspects Simmy's babysitting technique .

       We had to round up the little doggies for their pictures, but most of them didn't require the laso!  This is Ellie with the green collar.

Murphy here, with the yellow collar, rarin' to go !

    Black collard boy throwing a wide loop.

        MayBelle... as good with a rope as any boy!

        This boy sat a little too tall in the saddle for the picture. Red collar.

      This boy with the dark blue collar wonders how he got roped into getting his picture taken.

      Orange collard boy seems to be thinking "You woke me up for this?!"

       Light blue collard girl trying her paw at the lariat.

      White collard boy "I just can't get the hang of these fancy rope tricks!"

We will have more pictures  soon !

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