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         On February 27th our little girl from Ireland, Simmy, was blessed with a family of 12 { Yes twelve } little babies! Three are girls and nine are boys. They are all healthy and growing and eating like little piglets! Simmy is eating five meals a day. She is maintaining her weight and is very happy and proud of her family. There are four boys who are not yet invited to new homes. Here are some pictures:

  The "pretty dozen" having lunch and a nap.

   "Rack 'em".  No they were'nt playing pool. They just went to sleep in this configuration.

   Senora had to check out the new arrivals and  offer Simmy some advice.

   "Please get off of my stomach. I'm full and sleepy!"

    Below are some pictures of the babies at 5 and 1/2 weeks old.

      All of Simmy's babies are with their new families now. They are building the bonds that only come through love. They are all doing well.                                                                   In June our newest addition to our family arrived from Ireland. Because of Covid19 we could not get a flight to anywhere in the US except for Chicago,Illinois. Also, if I did not pick him up in person there would have been a bunch of red tape and possibly a quarantine period. So, not wanting to traumatize him, I [Danny] drove from Gooding, Idaho to Chicago. I picked him up at the shipping facility as soon as he arrived and we headed back to Idaho. A long drive! He was so good! no whining or accidents in the car or in the motels. Very loving and calm. His name is Chayenne. We will have pictures up soon. We have been busy taking care of my parents so they don't get exposed to the virus.                           We will have pictures and information on Sasha and Sauvy and more on Puppies Unleashed soon. Take care and stay well!

    This little girl has an orange collar and was found in our Easter basket!

   A pink collared little girl checking out the Easter eggs.

   This girl has a lilac colored collar and likes the Easter bunny.

   The boy with the red collar sneaking up on the Easter bunny.

   Yellow is the color of this boys collar. He likes relaxing in the basket.

   The boy with the aqua colored collar must have seen another Easter egg!

   This boy is relaxing in the shade. He has a green collar.

    Light blue collared boy just looking.

   Loki has a royal blue collar and has a new family waiting for him.

   Boy with the white collar thinking about how to get more Easter eggs.

   Black collared boy sees an Easter bunny on the basket.

   Boy with the brown collar smells an Easter egg.

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