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                     Great news! Simmy's first little family arrived on May 16th. We are so excited to see the little babies!  Two girls and five boys came into our lives on Thursday evening. Simmy is so proud of them and won't leave them except for baths and potty breaks. They are very calm and healthy. Of course, Senora seems to be as proud of them as she would be if they were hers. With the marriage of Akela's German heritage and Simmy's Irish, we are hoping to see the best of both in their new family.  Here are a few pictures.

           This is Gkobi. A boy who had an invitation to a home but due to unforseen circumstances they ,sadly couldn't take him. So he is available for a loving family. He is learning leash training and going potty outside.  Easily trained, loving and a great character.

   Simmy and  family. Some are eating and some are so full that they had to take a nap.

     This is MaQ at 4 & 1/2 weeks old. He wears a blue collar and has an invitation to join a new family.

        This little girl is named Rey and has been invited to Crystal's home. Rey wears a pink collar.

          This is Sasha. She will be joining our family. She wears a purple collar.

      This little boy wears an orange collar and has been invited to join a new family. His name is Finn.

       This little boy wears a yellow collar and has a new family waiting for him.

This little boy wears a red collar .  The family he was to join had a situation arise which prevented them from taking him into their home. He wanted a name so we call him Gkobi. He is still open to invitations.

      This little boy wears a green collar and will soon meet his new family.

     This boy wears the red collar. We call him Gkobi.  At 5 and 1/2 weeks old he is ready for the 4th of July celebration!   He is available for invitations to join a family.

      Rey, the girl with the pink collar, is looking forward to the parade!

      This boy with the green collar is just chillin'.

        Finn wears the orange collar and is using his  patriotic pose!

        This boy wears a yellow collar and is waiting for the fireworks.

        MaQ , with the blue collar, likes the waving flags.

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